San Pellegrino Goes Glam, and I’m not sure why

First my favorite fizzy water teamed up earlier with Missoni for a fashionable makeover of their bottle, and now San Pellegrino is going seriously glam with a jeweled label designed by Bulgari.

Generally speaking I like designer collaborations with every-day brands. It’s a good way to boost sales by offering a fresh look at a common item. The question is, do I buy these limited edition bottles and if so, are they to be put on display? If put on display, where? In the kitchen? The dining room? On a nik-nak shelf?

I’m not one for decorative objects as a rule, but I’m trying to get better at accessorizing the house. I suppose if we redid the kitchen (running theme here) and I had glass door shelves a few of these stylish bottles would look pretty sassy in a row. But then by putting something on display in your kitchen that has no intention of being used, you’re just taking up valuable usable space. And why buy bottle water if you’re not going to drink it? And if you are going to drink it and toss it, what’s the point of a designer label?

More importantly, what is this gravitation towards designer everything saying about us really? That this is all the Missoni I could ever afford, or that I think so highly of myself that I need Missoni styled labels on my imported Italian sparkling water? Or, is it a simpler theme, as alluded to above: take a ho-hum everyday item and give it some va-va-va-voom if for no other reason than you can.  I suppose I like that concept the best, in which case I say buy a case and drink it all with wild abandon, then toss those bottles in the recycle bin and don’t think about it again.  It is after all, just water.

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