I am happy to work for you for $$$.

This is my portfolio site, so take a look around, find out about me and see what you think. (To read my varied thoughts on business and learn more about me, surf the tags Me, Me, Me and Business)

I am passionate about small business, especially retail…especially online retail.  I love LOVE to support creative and brave people who set out to start their own business. It’s what I’ve done for many years, and it’s what I love to see others do.

Should you wish to hire me for help in the following areas, please email traceyteeATmacDOTcom and let’s chat:

  • Merchandising/ecommerce consultant
  • Freelance writer (specializing in gifting/product discoveries, design, decor, art, healthy living)
  • Copywriter
  • PR/Media consultant
  • Social Media Manager

I also do television appearances and speaking engagements on the above topics.  People say I’m funny.

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