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Toms Wedding Collection

I got married in bare feet.  Not because I was trying to make some social statement, but because a) I don’t wear heels b) I couldn’t afford Louboutin’s or Jimmy Choos (and I don’t wear heels anyway) and c) generally speaking wedding shoes are lame.

Had Toms been around 9 years ago (NINE!) you can bet I would have been sporting a pair of these adorable shoes, plus more for all my gorgeous bridesmaids who did wear heels but would have surely appreciated these at the end of the evening.

(And I would have been making a nice social statement to boot!)

PS: Even lamer are prom shoes, but I don’t think you have to dye shoes to match your dress anymore.  At least I hope not.  Good lord I am getting old.  Anyway, TOMS has a prom shoe section too.  Love it.  And I SO would have gone this route for the world’s most ridiculous teenage dance as well.