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TRADhome Digital Magazine

A big, giant, hulking bundle of digital oogleness. Loads of pages in which to peruse and drool. Like hundreds of pages.  A gorgeous collaboration with everyone’s favorite digital darling, Lonny Mag, and the stalwart essential, Traditional Home. Behold the first issue of TRADhome.

Free content at it’s finest.  Enjoy!

Fab Gift Idea: Colour-It-Yourself Posters for Kids

I absolutely LOVE this idea for kids who are all about coloring! Pair one of these adorable (and affordable!) Colour-It-Yourself Posters by summersville with an amazing set of crayons, color pencils, markers or watercolors and let them make their own amazing-looking art for their room!

New Modern Goodies from CB2

I just finished flipping through the new CB2 catalogue, and was really impressed with the nice variety of funky, unique items they’ve brought in for spring.  Except for this, this is not ok. Not at all.

Rodents aside, normally I dismiss any type of “art” from a big box retailer, but the Niki de Saint Phalle and Birdman posters are pretty darn hot.  I’m seeing watercolor-inspired pieces a lot lately, like these pretty pillows.  Also, I love love this Cubist Sculpture piece.  Not sure how practical it is with a 4 month old and a gaggle of toddlers always coming over, but I reeeally want it for our front room.  It would look divine on top of the Grundig. Safety…style…safety…style…hmmm.

Speaking of safety, wouldn’t these canary tea light holders be so flapping cute in the nursery? I need to think of something else I can use to replace a tea light, because I just love them.

Last, there is something about this I Like The Way You Move rug that grabs me.  It sort of reminds me of the Fragile Leg Lamp in A Christmas Story.  It’s just sort of wrong – and on a rug? Kind of oddly awesome.

Also worthy of note…a bright blue Harvey Pool Nightstand and a perfect for summer Casbah outdoor rug.

Giraffe Is The New Black

It started with our Adler Giraffe Lamp in the front room, then the nursery fell into a Giraffe theme. For quite a while now my husband and I love giraffes as a decorating motif.  Clearly we’re not overly obsessive about it, but we seem naturally drawn to any giraffe accessory, and lately (as previously observed in a wall hook round-up) I’m seeing lots popping up in the background of room designs and as fun home decor pieces & art.

Perhaps my affinity for giraffes stem from my being 6ft tall and somehow I (we) both relate to the tall and slightly awkward creatures (I had a Spanish boyfriend who used to call me “Giraffeee”, so the comparison is a long-standing one).  I think birds/swallows/any fowl sitting on a wire/owls/any woodland creatures, especially squirrels have had quite an extensive limelight…I guess I’m just happy to see giraffes leave the nursery and make their majestic debut.

Will the giraffe ever reach Faux Trophy status? Only time will tell.  In the meantime here’s a quick roundup of some lovely giraffe decor & accessories. (BTW, I’m calling the Elephant as making a comeback soon too.)

Giraffe Rainbow Stacked Pots, $32-$128 / Command Sergeant Giraffidae Plate, $62 / View From Here Hook, $20 / Savannah Story Bust, $68 / Giraffe Print, $18 / Antiqued Giraffe Tapers, $38 / Sharon Montrose Giraffe Prints, $25-$5000

New Summer Goodies from West Elm

Is it me, or is everyone really REALLY looking forward to spring and summer this year? I mean, it has been one heckuva winter.

I love switching up bed linens, pillows and dishware when the seasons change.  Just like putting away all those sweaters and dark clothes, there is something so liberating about freshening up the house with brighter colors and sunny prints.

West Elm just sent out their summer preview, and I’m already dreaming about gorgeous fish on the grill, big bowls of berries and cream, and rolling out of bed in crisp cotton sheets after sleeping all night with the window wide open…


Stop Me Before The Cute Takes Over

I just spent 15 minutes racking up what could be thousands in the cutest cute cute cutie-pie cute stuff from Sarah + Abraham. Seriously. So. Cute.
Olliegraphic Personalized Pillow for my daughter’s room? Um. YES.
Oliiegraphic name print
as well? YES why not, and YES.
Olligraphic gift labels? Oui.  Bookplate stickers? Oh yeah. Cupcake Toppers? Don’t really make cupcakes, BUT I WILL NOW!
Gifts in the future for like everyone I know who has kids? You can count that as affirmative.  Purchases will be made by the Tee household for sure. So watch out, before I olliegraph you.