During a previous rant about designer collaborations on water bottles I admitted I don’t have a lot of decor accessories around the house.  For one thing we don’t have a ton of surfaces (because I also don’t like clutter or crowded spaces) also I think I’d rather spend my money on art for our walls.

This morning I discovered the utterly delightful blog, Bright.Bazaar and have been devouring all of Mr. Bazaar’s delicious old posts; he even featured on of our best-selling items on and…the Indiana Leather Adventure Duffle which I purchased in honor of my Dad and Husband who both love and totally rock this classy bag.

Anyway I just read this post covering three gorgeous living rooms and was struck by how each one is packed with interesting objects.  Oddly, I’m particularly drawn to the darker, more macabre slate gray room…I like the Steamer Punk motif mixed with splashes of bright pink and all the interesting textures.  My clutter phobia may never bring me to a room as layered as this, but I will refer back to all three of these living rooms for decorating inspiration.

What are your decorating phobias?

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