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Ecoist Snowjob Chair

ecoist is a great company who makes super stylish fashion accessories from, well, basically trash.  They collaborate with big brands like Coca-Cola, Aveda, Frito-Lay and Disney to secure their mis-printed and obsolete packaging and then fold them up into innovative products.

This is another brand I’ve sold in the past. ecoist has been around since 2004…before the big “green products” boom that hit the market in ’07;  I think they really know what they’re doing, and I’m thrilled they’ve been able to thrive for so many years. (Fun fact: Kim Cattrall’s character toted a silver “Mega” ecoist bag in Sex & The City 2, which was an absolutely terrible sequel, but the clothes were still good!)

This chair, however.  WOW.  Now, I have a thing for chairs, so I am easily impressed, but you’d have to have a cold heart not to see the beauty in their latest collaboration with designer Emiliano Godoy.

Glad to see they’re looking at new ways to use those candy wrappers.  What’s next a couch? A headboard maybe?  Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Nice People Are Delightful

Yesterday we made the announcement that the ecommerce site I co-founded and have been running for 4 years is closing its doors.

We didn’t come to this decision lightly to say the least, but my partners and I are moving onto other projects for now, and perhaps at some point I’ll pen the nitty gritty of how and why we decided to close, and the trials of running an independent ecommerce business in this crazy world. was my first “baby”, and it has been an amazingly insane four years bringing the site to where it is now.  We’ve been fortunate to have amazing press in just about all the major women’s magazines (except for YOU, O Magazine!) and lots of TV features as well.  I have thoroughly enjoyed shopping for all the products, managing the creative aspects of the site and working with so many fine editors and producers to have our products featured.  I can’t say I’ll miss the 24/7 work days, but I will miss Delight terribly.

What I wasn’t fully expecting was the lovely notes and well-wishes from our customers and fans.  While we have had to endure our share of serious kray-kray over the years, for the most part our customers are just the best; and yesterday proved it.

For my own memories I thought I’d pull some of the sweet tweets, facebook posts and emails we received so I can always remember how incredibly impactful taking 1 minute (or in the case of twitter, 2 seconds) to write kind words  to a virtual stranger can be.  These notes made all the hard work worth it.

Very sad news. What ever will I do without!?! =(
You guys have made my days & shopping time such a DELIGHT and I’ll miss you very much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Tracey, Lynne & the entire team for bringing not only DELIGHT into my life, but really awesome products that I doubt I’…ll be able to find anywhere else! And for always being above & beyond! You are the BEST online shopping site I’ve come across ever! You guys have done an incredible job with and the ecommerce world will not be the same with you. All the very best! =)

so sad to see you go, but happy for your new path …  you have made me, at 62, the fashion hit of my 14 year old niece’s circle … last summer when you had the mystery box sale my delightful ‘prize’ was the gloves and button attachable sleeves …  ‘so very cool’ she said … ‘can I borrow them’ she ask … thank you, thank you, thank you.  and truly I am happy for you … but you will be missed

But where will I find all the lovely things that make friends and family ooh and aah? Good luck and thx to all of you!

Wow! Delight is closing? You guys have opened me up to a whole new world of shopping! As I look around my home, I see so many things that came from Delight. Thank you, thank you for bringing me such great products and teaching me to love the earth. I’m never without my Rue Me bags! Take care!

Sad news from some fun ladies today. There is no other site out there that could fill your shoes! A huge gaping hole in cyberspace will remain forever. Thank you for the years of creative items and fun packaging. You will be missed!

always looked forward to checking out for new, interesting, innovative & awesome products. You will certainly be missed, keep us up-to-date on your new endeavors, I’m sure your adventure will be fabulous & I don’t want to miss the ride!

So sorry to see your sunny shop go! Best of luck in your future endeavors. Peas & carrots and all things delightful!

I am HEARTBROKEN to hear about the site! I understand though, having worked for small businesses in the past. Good luck to you!

sad to hear the incredible e-commerce shop @Delight_com are closing their e-doors but SO inspired by everything they accomplished