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Art Crush: Bright & Bold Prints by Melanie Mikecz

Boy am I a sucker for anything bright and rainbow-y. Love these bold geometric prints by Melanie Mikecz!

Giraffe Is The New Black

It started with our Adler Giraffe Lamp in the front room, then the nursery fell into a Giraffe theme. For quite a while now my husband and I love giraffes as a decorating motif.  Clearly we’re not overly obsessive about it, but we seem naturally drawn to any giraffe accessory, and lately (as previously observed in a wall hook round-up) I’m seeing lots popping up in the background of room designs and as fun home decor pieces & art.

Perhaps my affinity for giraffes stem from my being 6ft tall and somehow I (we) both relate to the tall and slightly awkward creatures (I had a Spanish boyfriend who used to call me “Giraffeee”, so the comparison is a long-standing one).  I think birds/swallows/any fowl sitting on a wire/owls/any woodland creatures, especially squirrels have had quite an extensive limelight…I guess I’m just happy to see giraffes leave the nursery and make their majestic debut.

Will the giraffe ever reach Faux Trophy status? Only time will tell.  In the meantime here’s a quick roundup of some lovely giraffe decor & accessories. (BTW, I’m calling the Elephant as making a comeback soon too.)

Giraffe Rainbow Stacked Pots, $32-$128 / Command Sergeant Giraffidae Plate, $62 / View From Here Hook, $20 / Savannah Story Bust, $68 / Giraffe Print, $18 / Antiqued Giraffe Tapers, $38 / Sharon Montrose Giraffe Prints, $25-$5000

Art For Japan

The aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan is heart-breaking beyond words.  I just read this article about a four-month old baby who was rescued out of the rubble.  She survived for 3 days. It always amazes me how miracles and hope can be so intertwined with sadness and despair.

Here are two unique ways you can support relief efforts for the victims:

20×200 Limited Edition Emily Shur print “Imperial Palace Gardens with Wall, Tokyo” > All proceeds benefit Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund

Help Japan Poster by W+K Studio > Designed to raise relief funds for the devastating earthquake and subsequent massive tsunami that struck Japan March 11, 2011. They are asking a donation of at least $25 for a print, with 100% of the profits going to The Red Cross. But they will of course accept and pass along a donation of any amount.

Art Crush: Christian Chaize

I have been drooling over a these sexy/haunting/retro  beach photographs by Christian Chaize ever since he was featured on 20×200.  He reminds me of Massimo Vitali…an aritst I have REALLY been drooling over for years.  Someday I will have $20K to buy one of his massive diptych C-prints. Someday.

In the meantime The Hus and I are bemoaning whether or not we want to invest $600 in Christian’s awesome Praia Piquinia subscription series.  (Apparently I’m not the only one who’s been drooling over this photo series.)  It’s a bit complicated, but a truly fabulous idea for artists and art collectors.  Problem is, we have like 1000 other more practical things to drop $600 on.  But when art calls, its hard to ignore it, I tell ya.  Also, I’d love to have a piece from his original series, rather than an open-ended edition; so the other debate is do we just start saving and buy the piece we want, in the massive size we want and forgo the totally fun subscription idea?

I know one day we’ll have a piece from Chaize’s series hanging on our walls.  In the meantime, thank goodness I can gaze and drool on his website whenever I’m feeling lonely for it.

Art Crush/Etsy Find: ReStyle

Well wasn’t this a pleasant early morning discovery! Outblush tipped me off to the delightful retro-modern prints of Czech Republic based Etsy shop, ReStyle.  I’m always a sucker for bold graphic prints with text, and these are no exception.  You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray might just have to be squeezed somewhere in the nursery. And I am SORRY, but I Love You Like A Fat Pug Loves Cake?? Ahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

The Star Wars poster is pretty fly for those who are into it, and I love this mid-century modern inspired In The Kitchen print too.

And Kiss Me Right Under My Mustache. And pretty much everything else in the shop.

Etsy Find/Art Crush/Kitchen Gush: Spin Wheel Tea Towel

It’s not secret that I’m insanely attracted to anything sporting a rainbow spectrum of colors.  Would I use this gorgeous Spin Wheel Tea Towel to wipe my hands? Maybe. But I think I might also frame this puppy and gaze upon it’s loveliness.