Mimi The Sardine Spillmats

So our little Pumpkin has started eating solids, and I’m about as obsessed with mashed/steamed/roasted/pureed food as you can get.  We haven’t even decided on a highchair yet (though I am leaning towards the Boon Flair Pedestal) but I’m now painfully forseeing a future involving aforementioned foods splattered all over our house (and baby).

Due to her remarkable spit-up capabilities and excessive drool I am well-versed in bib science, but outer protection is new to me.  I just came across the lovely baby shop UrthChild and these cute Spillmats by Mimi The Sardine.  They’re made from 100% organic cotton and have a water-based, acrylic coating that’s non-toxic, BPA-Free and not PVC.

I think the patterns are adorbs, but would also love some muted colors/patterns too.  I can see a more adult palette as useful for meals involving guests when you don’t necessarily want to parade every rainbow-colored baby item you own.

Regardless, I’m going to pick one up, as we’ll definitely need this for feedings outside the house.  I know our family will appreciate roasted butternut squash landing safely on this mat and not the carpet at Sunday dinners.

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