Williams British Handmade

Now THIS is what I’m talking about.  Kimberly (buyer extraordinaire from our Delight.com days) just sent me a link to Williams British Handmade and my heart literally skipped a beat.

These are people who get it. THIS is what crafstmanship is all about, and what we’re missing in our mass-produced, bottom-dollar, quantity over quality society right now.

They open with this quote, and it says everything: “Historically exceptional crafstmanship was the norm, now it is the exception.”

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate their work…

I’m tagging this post in “business”, because there is a standard and an unapologetic pursuit of quality here which I think can be applied to any company. Let these guys inspire you to go beyond the norm in your own pursuits.

One response to “Williams British Handmade

  1. Indeed.
    This was a great post, and it’s also interesting that although they are keeping to tradition in one sense, they are completely re-imagining their trade, in another. It really makes these pieces feel special and truly contemporary.

    ps. I had no idea you wrote a blog!

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