My Bum Book

Even though I’m fourth months in, I think I’m going to pick up this lovely and super practical book.  With Evie’s naptimes now super erratic, we’re still recording her feeding and napping schedule and random notepads all over the house.  Plus, I’m obsessed with the child’s poop. OB. SESSED. Can I get an Amen from other new mom’s out there, or is the crazy really starting to show through these days?  Needless to say, I’m thrilled at the idea of recording my daughter’s poop schedule as well.

But MAN would I have loved this when Evie was first born.  I struggled so much with breastfeeding and we had print-outs and notebooks and bits of paper everwhere with notes.  Looking back, I’m sad those first crazy couple months aren’t documented somewhere more permanent…another reason why this book is perf. What a great gift. What a practical and non-superfluous baby item. I wish it was for more than 2 months, or she offered inserts, or a place on the outside of the book to place a date, so these can become ‘volumes’.  But I’m still all over this.

Until I get a proper baby journal underway (something I desperately want to do, BUT WHO OUT THERE HAS THE TIME?) My Bum Book might be the only recordings of my daughter’s early days.  I’m pretty sure the phrase isn’t “a poop chart speaks 1000 words,” but for me… it sure does.

** Also – the author/creator made a Bum Book for twins! ** Also – read the About page…that’s what sold me.


One response to “My Bum Book

  1. Tracey, you’ve inspired me…can’t tell though – you’ll just have to wait…thank you! Cory

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