App I Like: Remodelista

The Hus surprised me with an iPad last week.  Right in the middle of the kitchen, while I was washing dishes and recapping a madcap day he whips out a lovely little white box of joy and says Happy Birthday.  My birthday wasn’t for another 2 1/2 weeks, but that’s why I love my husband.

Anyway, I’ve been kind of transfixed with the iPad for a long time now…debating if it is something that could actually make my life easier, or if its a toy I just want to play with.  Over the past few months I’ve concluded concrete uses for the iPad which could in fact simplify my new work and mom life – which is a work-at-home life, and anything but simple. Long story short, I love it. Love, love, love it – and while I still have a ways to go to maximize it’s true and total functionality I sure am having fun downloading apps and gazing at its loveliness.

Which lead me to a new idea for the blog: App I Like.  There are so many apps out there, and I’m already a bit desensitized from all the kray-kray reviews (why WHY are people so mean AND unhelpful when reviewing things?), I thought it might help someone out there if I simply catalogue the Apps I’ve downloaded and truly like.

So we’re off and running and here’s my first app review:

App: Remodelista
Looking for the perfect couch, stylish DIYs, or inspiration to refresh your space? Get your daily deco fix with the new Home Design App from Remodelista, the online sourcebook followed by design devotees like Gwyneth Paltrow (she calls it her “obsession”) and stylists and architects worldwide, who consider it a must-read.

The Remodelista App makes it easy to browse Remodelista’s daily content, including inspiring architecture, stylish DIY projects, 10 Easy Pieces product roundups, and Steal This Look. Take control of your next remodeling or design project with the Remodelista App for the iPad and iPhone.
Price: $2.99
Worth the money? Yes, as long as they keep loading up great new content
Why I like: Simply put, it is house porn. Loads of gorgeous round-ups and ideas for furnishing and decorating your home.  I wish there was more content though, I fear I’m going to near the end with the amount of time I surf this app.  However, I can see it coming in very useful when furniture shopping in stores as you can add pages to your own folders within the app so if I can’t remember that couch I saw once and really loved, I can just look it up in my folder. Also, since its an app, all the links are hyperlinked, so a print you see on Remodelista is just a couple taps away from purchasing. Which could be dangerous when sipping wine and surfing house porn.

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