New Modern Goodies from CB2

I just finished flipping through the new CB2 catalogue, and was really impressed with the nice variety of funky, unique items they’ve brought in for spring.  Except for this, this is not ok. Not at all.

Rodents aside, normally I dismiss any type of “art” from a big box retailer, but the Niki de Saint Phalle and Birdman posters are pretty darn hot.  I’m seeing watercolor-inspired pieces a lot lately, like these pretty pillows.  Also, I love love this Cubist Sculpture piece.  Not sure how practical it is with a 4 month old and a gaggle of toddlers always coming over, but I reeeally want it for our front room.  It would look divine on top of the Grundig. Safety…style…safety…style…hmmm.

Speaking of safety, wouldn’t these canary tea light holders be so flapping cute in the nursery? I need to think of something else I can use to replace a tea light, because I just love them.

Last, there is something about this I Like The Way You Move rug that grabs me.  It sort of reminds me of the Fragile Leg Lamp in A Christmas Story.  It’s just sort of wrong – and on a rug? Kind of oddly awesome.

Also worthy of note…a bright blue Harvey Pool Nightstand and a perfect for summer Casbah outdoor rug.

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