Art Crush: Christian Chaize

I have been drooling over a these sexy/haunting/retro  beach photographs by Christian Chaize ever since he was featured on 20×200.  He reminds me of Massimo Vitali…an aritst I have REALLY been drooling over for years.  Someday I will have $20K to buy one of his massive diptych C-prints. Someday.

In the meantime The Hus and I are bemoaning whether or not we want to invest $600 in Christian’s awesome Praia Piquinia subscription series.  (Apparently I’m not the only one who’s been drooling over this photo series.)  It’s a bit complicated, but a truly fabulous idea for artists and art collectors.  Problem is, we have like 1000 other more practical things to drop $600 on.  But when art calls, its hard to ignore it, I tell ya.  Also, I’d love to have a piece from his original series, rather than an open-ended edition; so the other debate is do we just start saving and buy the piece we want, in the massive size we want and forgo the totally fun subscription idea?

I know one day we’ll have a piece from Chaize’s series hanging on our walls.  In the meantime, thank goodness I can gaze and drool on his website whenever I’m feeling lonely for it.

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