New Beginnings

Today is March 1st, and I am officially a consultant, a freelancer, and a stay-at-home-mom. After four amazing years as Co-Founder of and we have closed down the business and moved on to other new adventures.

It seems strange and oddly disarming that I won’t be working 80 hours a week. For so long I’ve been attached to my BlackBerry and laptop checking orders, solving problems, ordering products, building pages, editing photos, securing press, and generally running myself ragged.  Was my commitment too much? I’ve BlackBerried  on the operating table, and I was typing furiously on my laptop while being induced.  I never once went on vacation (which were few) and didn’t work; and there wasn’t a single weekend without many hours spent on the comp.  I didn’t lunch with friends, my roots went waaaaay too long between highlights.  I’m not saying this is healthy, but this was my life and I loved it. I loved my business partners, I loved LOVED my amazing staff and will miss them dearly, and I loved what we achieved with Delight.

I’m excited to now take all my bumps and scrapes along the way and parlay them into helping others achieve their dreams in business.  I have some amazing clients already, and I can’t wait to dig in and support them in growing their companies.  It feels good to go back to my writing roots as well.  I think there might be a book in the works at some point about certain adventures my Husband and I endured while trying to get pregnant – but right now I’m also enjoying the adventures of raising my beautiful little girl.

Oh did I mention that part of my new life? Consulting will be amazing, but I am truly blessed to be able to stay home with my daughter.  Anyone who knows me knows I won’t be long without my hands in a new project or venture – but this time around she’s gonna be by my side.  If you can’t reach me on Fridays this summer, I’ll probably be at the pool.  If I’m gone for an hour in the afternoon, we’re probably out for a walk.  15 minutes off chat?  You can bet I’m changing a big poopie.  It will be hard to create a schedule that supports both my clients and my daughter, but I know it can be done, and I’m up to the task.

My hope is my new site will also support these aspects of my life and give you, my readers and clients additional inspiration and advice  you can apply to your own lives.  My self-centered, namesake site will embody all that I love in life, and explore all that I’m good at in business.  Reflecting back through my 20’s and halfway (ahem) through my 30’s I think I have a few interesting things to say. I hope whoever is out there reading this will join me in my conversation.

I can’t wait for the years to come!

3 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. Hi Tracy! Thanks for the update. Things sound wonderful and I hope they continue to be for all of the Delight family. I am wearing a treasured necklace you might remember… the anatomical heart w/diamond in gold washed silver. I got it on sale and it was such a delight (srsly!) to shop and receive a package that was mindly wrapped and presented! Bonne chance!

  2. So Exciting. Glad I’m along for the ride. I can tell you that being a work at home mom is awesome. There are times it’s crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for a minute. I love being here when my son gets home from school and talking about his day. I wish I could have done it from the time he was a baby but didn’t have that luxury until he was about 11 yrs old I guess.

    It was harder when I did jewelry design and went to trade shows here and there, but the market crashing might have been the best thing to happen to me because we spun into web design instead. Now, I’m working on teaching him how to design as well. He’s working on launching a student athlete website portion of our business. My plan is to set him up to be able to make money even when he goes off to college in a couple years.

    Enjoy every minute of it my dear :D. The good, the harried, the sick days and seeing all those “firsts” first hand. So So So happy for you!

  3. Congratulations again on your daughter’s arrival and on your new endeavors!

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