Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

I think these are officially THE shower/baby gift du jour, as I’ve been fortunate to receive 4 sets so far, but for good reason.  My dear friend Katy tipped me off to these lightweight, oversized swaddle blankets when I was preggers saying she loved that they were – well, lightweight – and she used them all the time.  It certainly helps that the blankets are all GORGEOUS, and come in beautiful modern patterns with colors that are spot on.

We use these for everything…from swaddles, to burp cloths, to stroller blankets to tummy time to covering up when breast feeding.  I  have to say my favorites are the oh-so-soft bamboo blankets in these beautiful boho patterns (peacock tails!!).  They’re not cheap, which is why they are a GREAT gift!

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