We decided not to find out what we were having, so we needed to make a gender-neutral nursery.  While I would have loved an ultra-modern set up, there was no WAY I was about to spend $1200 on a crib and more on other modern furniture for small kiddos who could care less. So, we went the other way – a fun, bright and cherry mish-mash of re-purposed furniture, colors and textures inspired by sherbert colors (no doubt due to my pregnancy Pinkberry indulgences), and lots of art + etsy finds. We knew pink or more blue would make it’s way into the room the minute the kiddo arrived, so we focused on every other color to start.

The first baby gift we received was this amazing blanket knit by my sister-in-law’s mother, who I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting a couple times. So nice!! I love LOVE this blanket so much, and we pretty much designed the room around it.

The biggest struggle was choosing a color for the walls.  I’m a green gal, I love the color green, and I was well aware that my love for the shade of vert can get a bit redundant.  We really, really tried to go with another color, but in the end The Hus and I agreed that this lovely shade of Benjamin Moore’s Pear was absolutely perfect and totally us.

My theory on choosing a wall color: Pony up and buy any and all samples you're considering. Sit with the colors for at least 3 days before you make a decision. The expense and wait are worth it.

The problem was that we also fell in love with Behr’s Blue, but felt it would look too boy-themed on all the walls.  The Hus came up with the brilliant idea to paint the ceiling with the blue.  I love it. Love, love love it.

Pretty sky-blue ceiling!

We found this dresser at a garage sale for $25 while we were living in LA. It’s massive, and kind of brut-like, but a great canvas for any color paint. Of course I loved this funky color green, but we gave it a fresh coat of white paint for the baby’s room:

BEFORE: Dresser (oops I already started removing drawers before I remembered to snap a pic)


The rest just sort of fell together really easily, thanks to some serious inspiration from OhDeeDoh and a lot of web surfing for fun finds.

Somehow we seemed to fall into a Giraffe/Monkey theme throughout the room.  But who doesn’t like Giraffes and Monkeys??  For a nod to the rest of the mid-century house, we added a big white tulip lamp for the ceiling and a Bertoia chair for extra seating.

Here’s the finished product and a list of where we purchased the stuff at the end.

Is this what she sees from her crib?

–  Crib: Just a classic Jenny Lind Davinci– totally affordable and completely adorable!
–  123 Pop Carpet + Mobile on Crib: Kaloo
–  Bicycle Print above crib (a gift!): Blanca Gomez, Poster Cabaret
–  Bird Prints above crib: sugarloop
–  Library Book Bin (another gift!): Land of Nod
–  Poms: Pom Love
–  Giraffe Painting (and another gift!): Lynne Rae Studio
–  White Lerberg Shelf: Ikea
–  Keep Calm Pillow: found on clearance at TJ Maxx

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