Hello world!

Well hello there.  This site has been a long time coming, but at long last it seems 2011 is the year a lot of things are going to change; and thus a perfect time to get the Tracey Tee site up and running.  I’m starting this blog/website and egotistically naming it after myself for the following reasons:

1) This is a portfolio site, should you wish to hire me as a:

  • Merchandising/ecommerce consultant
  • Freelance writer (specializing in gifting/product discoveries, design, decor, art, healthy living)
  • Copywriter
  • PR/Media consultant
  • Social Media Manager

I also do television appearances and speaking engagements on the above topics.  People say I’m funny.

2) My husband and I have been renovating our 1963 Ranch for 4 years now, and I need a place to keep track of all our adventures.

3) I have two gorgeous & insane dogs – Fran and Lucy – and I think I should show them off to the world.

4) I’ve been running and ecommerce company for nearly 7 years now, founding three sites that specialize in gorgeous gifts.  I love discovering fantastic new products and sharing them with others.

5) I’m passionate about healthy living, cooking great food and all that surrounds those ideals.  I recently had my first child, so these topics are even more dear and important to me, and I’ll be sharing those thoughts with you.

So onwards and upwards we go!!

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